Harmony Run

Mine is not really a story but so many stories that happened to me this summer. I was one of the fortunate ones who was part of the international team of World Harmony Run in Europe. I was running through Slovakia, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and later Poland, the Baltics, Finnland and Sveden our main purpos was to bring the idea of friendship and the feeling of one big family to everybody. It really worked!At least in our team, because we were from different countries and we could work together happily on the same project and became very good friends.Our motto was “Harmony begins with me.” I take this run as a pilgrimage, the most intense prayer for a better world,like harmony in action.We met so many good people along the way while running and every day was a real miracle, trusting ourselves on God .And in Warsava we had a beautiful meeting in your Buddhist Monastery,for me it was so thrilling, and uplifting,i think i will remember this wonderful day forever. Thank you for the beautiful song that you sang for us, i loved it!I appreciate your work for a peaceful world, it inspires me so much!

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