One day

Dear Dharma Friends! I spent one day in Rehabilitation Center for the chronically ill (particular childern). One therapy method is horseriding. A designated person would place the patient securely on horseback and another lead the horse around. My job was to lead the horse ridden by a sick person. Most of the time I’v been reciting the name of Guan Yin Bodhisattva.The kids were very happy, and some of them were ready to ride even in the rain:). The horses sometimes appeared bored, but they never rebelled and seemed happy to continue.It occured to me that horses are often mistreated, but when treated well, on the other hand, an opportunity might be created for them to achieve something positive in order to erase bad karma and facilitate good conditions in the future. I had a very nice day in the Center, and I hope that we’ve done some good. May all living beings be good and well. Chin Shan

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