be arware of the all kind of trash

I have maken promise to myself that I pick up at least one trash a day. I know it is not enough that I remember that I don´t litter. I was at the park yesterday playing and I cleaned this little area from some candy papers. It came to my mind that we have all kind of trash: Also the things that we say can be considered to be as trash – some kind of noise we make can also be like trash to someones ears. I will continue to pick up at least one trash a day, but I will also pay more attention about other kind of trash.For example I wish no to yell too loud if it is not necessary and not to play music or tv too loud either, specially if there is other ones around.It is also important not to litter our inside. I have been thinking of being without candy for a while and save that money for better reasons, but I will start after I have had my birthday party next week. My cousin was without candy year and now she does not eat candy that much any more as she used to before. She does not need. So I will be more aware of all kind of trash.

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