a moment in time

i live in new york city, many years ago when i was quite young i remember watching a blind person waiting patiently at a street corner for soemone to help him cross. i new he needed help because every few seconds he would tap his cane on the ground hoping to get someones attention. i was in a rush and going in the opposite direction i figured someone else would help..well i passed him by but kept looking over my shoulder to see if someone would stop to help…as i kept going further and further it became apparent that no one was stopping until i was so far i lost sight…Well talk about feeling terrible expecially since before this incident i had helped quite a few elderly individuals across busy streets. I vowed if i see someone in need at a crosswalk i would offer assistance without a moments thought. I have been very fortunate to have helped numerous blind and elderly on there way since that long ago incident.

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