Mr. Nice Guy Strikes Again

So I work for a non-profit agency in NYC and I’m on a city bus with some of my clients. We pull up at a bus stop where a woman with a stroller waits. When the bus doors open and it’s time for her to get on she isn’t able to properly fold up the stroller. She has in one hand her baby child, and with the free hand she struggles to fold the stroller. I get up, exit the bus and offer to help, but I can’t even operate the thing with two hands. I work with it for about five minutes and am still unable to be of any help. The bus passengers are getting impatient (this is New York after all) and my group is already late for their volunteer assignment. I tell her that I can’t figure it out and get back on the bus. The bus driver is about to pull out when I realize “I can do this!”. I calmly go out to her once again and pull up on a handle that had previously gone unnoticed. The stroller folds up, the lady gets on the bus with her baby, and she takes the empty seat that I once occupied.

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