No E-cigarettes

I stopped a Facebook market seller from selling E-cigarettes by explaining how bad the vaping causes the body. I didn’t know the seller, and I was ready to accept scolding from the seller. Luckily the seller accepted not to sell and thank me for explaining.

Regular donation to build temple

I have been donating some amount every month to a temple who burnt down by a fire last year, to help with the renovation cost.

It feels good to give.

During the snowstorm in February, we had about two feet snow over one night. We have a powerful snow blower and it only took us 40 minutes to clean our driveway. After we were done, we let three neighbors use our snow blower to clean their driveway. It feels good …

I dana here and there

I just gave away some significant percentage of my annual income, as I do on every Vesak Day.

Animal Liberation

I had the opportunity to participate in animal liberation this year (before lockdown) and it was amazing, as I have never done it in my hometown before. Freeing the animals and reciting prayers so they may achieve precious rebirth and enlightenment in next life is simply wonderful, made me feel …

Vesak 2021

This morning, i attended a virtual wesak celebration organised by a team of amazing Singapore Buddhist organizations. I also participated in “The Great Metta Sit” campaign to donate money to important Ngos with each minutes translate to a dollar. At the end of the session, i dedicated all the merits …

Lending strength

On Vesak morning, I share my time to support a mother who had to deal with the prospect of relating the event of her daughter’s death. Lending strength for her to deal with her fear and distress.


1978年,宣化上人师父到麻坡净业寺弘法,当时我 一岁,感恩爸爸让我有缘的皈依了师父。 爸爸在八零年代,组织了妙音念佛会,免费的为将要往生的佛友组念,推广放生和共修念阿弥陀佛。 从一个人单枪匹马到现在已经有一群发心的佛友,当中很多都是往生者的家属。。。 在2014年,爸爸在一群佛友的组念下,往生了西方极乐世界,火化后,有舍利子,其中有一粒金色和一粒银色的舍利子,极为殊深。 阿弥陀佛!

save me from sick

I have studied Drama for nearly seven years. When I was in colleage I had a big lower back pain, I lay in bed all night with my eyes open, thinking of my miserable life. Then unconsciusly I found a video in website, it was a master monk teaching Mahabana …