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Jan. 2024. I was broke. -4k€. Still broke 🙂 but one night I was walking in the street close to the Vieux Port. Then I heard someone calling me. I went to check on him. I think his name was Mouss, he was a 40-ish African guy with a perfect accent from Marseille. He asked me where I am from. I told him I was born and raised in Paris but I fell in Love with the energy of the city of Marseille. I was going to play on an important play in a big Theater but I have decided to listen to my heart instead of my head so I have moved in Marseille. 10th Jan. marked my first visit in Marseille. 21st Jan. signed my rental lease in Marseille without even a permanent job contract. Still today I don’t have a contract! Ambiance of trusted between Mouss and me. I asked him where he was born.
« In Marseille, same arrondissement as Zinedine Zidane » then we spoke about looking for a job
« Listen, you should work hard. Look a Zidane, he was born in one of the poorest neighborhood in France, La Castellane, then he went to AS Cannes, then Bordeaux. After some years of hardship he went to Italy, Juventus Turin before going and performing very well in Real Madrid .  All comes from hard work and slowly but steady progress. » I was impressed by his sense of work ethics.
I asked him: I would like to offer you something to eat. Sweet or Salty? « Salty » « sure, how about French Fries ? » « oh I prefer a small bag of chips please » « ok will try my best, but it s already 2am so I m not sure. Will come back » it happened that we were close to a fast food chain still opened at that time. I went and decided to ordered the same menu as I had a few hours ago. Went back to Mouss.
« So Mouss, here we go » « But, but it’s more than a bag of French Fries » « Yea, it’s ok, it’s the same Veggie Menu that I had before » then he started to repeat «  merci, merci, merci, merci…. Merci, merci, merci, merci… merci, merci, merci …mer… » I can see that he was very moved 🥹 while I walked away he was still repeating the same word « merci » and watching over the sky. Of course, I was moved to. That night I made the resolve to live a life of service and to try my very best to be in service to people in need in the Universe. Before I want the Universe to be in my service. Now I just want to be in service to the Universe, bringing me where I need to go.
Today, I am writing those lines from Roma, Italy 🇮🇹 the eternal city. I am traveling with my Best Friend Forever. Her artist name is La Youth. And yesterday we have decided that we will keep traveling the world in order to offer some peaceful and healing music around the world. Yesterday we recorded a song near the Colliseum. You could check the result in TikTok (still need to upload the video in couple days). Our first and only one video made 40k views in less than 48h. I think we have some potentials… 😅 we need to follow Mouss’ life advice: to work hard.

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