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I noticed the birds had so little to eat and no fresh, clean water to drink. Looking into my circumstance living a house-less lifestyle with little money to survive. I thought, ‘I have built a relationship with these birds. They are counting on me.’ I decided to get on my bicycle and ride down the hill into town to buy bird seeds. I bought 40 lbs of wild bird seeds. I loaded my bicycle and head back up the hill. Normally, the ride up without a load is arduously difficult with its steep climb but not today with a 40 lbs load on back. I didn’t feel any weight riding up. As a matter of fact, it was so easy as if I was just riding a flat road. I realized, when I forget my own needs and with good intention to benefit other’s, I don’t have to worry. It sure would be nice if each household could help out feeding the birds then it would lessen the load for those that do.

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