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I hesitate to write this but may it be heard. Years ago, I visited a certain monastery and stayed as a volunteer. A young man in the community criticized, discriminated indirectly against me for having make-up on in front of others. Therefore suggesting I am not fit. The teacher laughed and replied to him that this person has a good heart. The discussion ended.

Almost two decades later, i still held animosity for this young man whom ordained as a monk since then. Still, the animosity was there and i did not care to listen to his talks and dismissed him as a fool as foolish as I am.

Then one day, I happen to attend a Kuan Yin retreat where he was to be. Chanting Kuan Yin’s name while walking and afflictions would arise in me when i came near him. How much i disliked him. While at retreat, I observed that he had developed some wisdom and was a good disciple of Buddha. I transformed my animosity towards him. Now I have good wishes for him.

The moral of this story is I hope those who read this to take heed in their discriminating mind. It can be as small and foolish as criticizing a person for wearing make up on the face for a woman. Just from that once meeting.

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