Featured Good Karma Music Story from Susan

This week’s story comes from Susan in Hercules, USA, who taught her first grade students how to be mindful of their behavior.

“I teach first graders at a public elementary school. . . Sometimes, they can’t stop talking. To help them, I taught them to ‘Sit like a bell.’ Bells do not talk. So they learn to sit and listen (and take turns to talk). At recess, when lining up, they learn to ‘Stand like a tree,’ so no one is swinging their lunch bags and hitting anyone. When they walk down to the lunchroom, they learn to ‘Walk like the wind’ and not run for they might fall. Once I asked if anyone has heard of meditation. Half the class started to cross their legs and put their hands on their laps like the character Aang in the kids’ Netflix series Avatar. I taught them to hold their hands in a diamond mudra. To help them be kind, every child who does good and kind deeds in school gets Excellence Cards each week. Hopefully, they will remember. Next, I will teach them how to meditate.”

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