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On Nov 8, 2022 Kim Mercier wrote :

A Life of Service inspired me to sell my car and simplify my possessions according with the seasons. It is now wintry, one fleece lined pant for moving about, another one for sleep. Securing my only possessions onto an old mountain bicycle which enables me to ride up the mountain or down into town, sometimes in circles. My food sack consists of salad in a bag and lets not forget, assorted nuts and fruits for the grounded and flying friendly neighbors on my path. At times the food load can be cumbersome and a tid bit heavy for my aging bones but I shake off the self serving thought and ride on back up the mountain. One day, I noticed a family of birds moved into the neighborhood in search of food. The mother, the leader, would sit on the highest rock directing her children while they walked about seeking out any morsel of highland grains. I prepare my bike, and ride down the mountain to a neighborhood market. I park my bike next to a metal garbage can, walked into the store and noticed the cudest stuffed snow man with two twigs for arms welcoming me with open arms. My heart giggled at the yarn snow man. Just then, a woman approached me with confusion in her eyes retorted to me, ‘While sitting in my car, I watched you ride up with a huge smile on your face and you havent stopped smiling since!’ Thinking smiling is not the norm, ‘I am so greatful for everything I have!’ was my reply. She managed to break a small smile and nodded as she departed. I then asked myself the same question, ‘Why am I smiling so joyously? I only have this one pair of fleece lined pants i have been wearing everyday that is in need of a cleaning.

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