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I meet shelter-less, car-less people who live wherever they find a small space. I noticed so many of all ages live this lifestyle. The one thing that is troubling is they have no transportation like a simple bicycle in which they so much desire and need.

A few evenings ago, as i was riding my bike up the hill towards the great mountain canyon to dwell for the night. I came upon meeting a young man with his head held low but eyes up gazing at me. What i noticed was his beautiful smile and humility. He was pulling a small wagon that held all his possesions down the from the mountain. I realized how much he needed a bicycle and i wanted so much to gift him mine. If i had done that then how will I carry my own load and this body up the hill each night to dwell? Thats when i came up with a blog called, I then went and bought an american flag and jumbo markers. I wrote on the flag asking people to donate a bike to help give dignity back to those who need it most. It could help people get jobs by having transportation. It could help to reduce bike theft. I plan on flying this flag and see what happens next.

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