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My second good deed on the is… 🙂
I collected some a few nice memories from my stay in Portuguese Theravada monastery which I’m planning to share with my teacher Ajahn Amaro and my dear Dharma brother Jin Wei Shr and a few other remarkable beings and friends. It’s really touching to see this happening here where I can share I tiny good deed that can possibly inspire others—mine is about sharing the Dhamma/Dharma through artistic expression of video and I do often add a little bit of music there 🙂

My aunt is a Christian, Benedictine nun , she lives in Reading PA. I always try to share with her all the good news from the dialogue between Christian and Buddhist, i. e. just recently a group of Theravada monks from Thai Forest Tradition, including Ajahn Jayasaro, visited the Pope in Vatican. She’d be delighted to here these songs. Thank you. Bows in respect.

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