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I am not a sociable person. I prefer solitude. I live in the mountains in my car. I had been wanting to be able to sit in full lotus for twenty years or so but never quite able to handle the pain. Since I live in my car and have had to sit low on mattress while cooking, doing daily chores. It has somehow helped to stretch my legs. Recently, I have been chanting the Heart Sutra for hours and hours sitting in my car, trying to memorize the japanese version. I started to venture out on hikes and doing Heart sutra recitation while sitting in full lotus. Then it occured to me how I might be able to plant seeds in passersby just by sitting quietly in full lotus with palms together and a small light in front of me in case the sun goes down. I am hoping it I can pass the dharma seed out in this quiet way. How rare it is to see someone sitting in meditation in Las Vegas. That is my gift to people here.