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As i write this I feel self-conscious and boastful. Nevertheless, I would like to listen to the music so-
I had an altercation with a dear friend recently (day before yesterday) and it was something inevitable; I believe now that it had to happen how it happened and my actions were what they were. It got into a pretty public spectacle, however we ended the night by my friend, his sister and I eating dinner (fish) together at my grandmother’s place.
The reason why I know this is a good deed is what I did yesterday. I got up in the morning and as soon as the thought popped in my mind I sent across a text apologizing. This soon turned into the two of us taking a walk, a long one and my good deed- I listened. For the better part of 2 hours I listened to all of the insecurities, all of the fears, all of the concerns that haunt my dear one. All I did was when he said “I know that these words are meaningless and any apology is only an effrontery to how I truly feel inside.” I simply asked him if he would give me a hug. So there we are 9 AM on a Monday hugging each other in the middle of the busiest section of our locality (it’s where all the corporate offices are). The rest of the walk, I simply listened, and whenever it felt right I tried to bring a smile to his face.
I am glad that I did whatever I did. I am glad I made a mistake. I am so glad that I am human, and that my ability to hurt others is clearly evident to me. I am gladder still that love persists regardless of how human we become, or how human we fail to be.

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