Talking to the house flies

Two days ago, a family member was so annoyed by the house flies that flew around the kitchen. The person took out the fly smasher and wanted to kill the fly. I was doing the dishes then and when I saw what is going to happened, I commented, leave them alone, they will be gone before you knew it. I am glad the person listened to what i said, put down the smasher and walked out of the kitchen. I then passed a remark to the fly, I saved you now, if you still not going to leave, I can’t promise I can save you again. I then chanted Amitofo and delicate the merits of my chant to the fly. It left after I hv completed the delication. Subsequent days that follow, i find it strange that while washing the dish, i saw the flies n upon requesting them to go, miraculously, they did after i am done w my dish. I am not too sure they are the same flies. Or is it just a coincident. It doesn’t matter. Thank you. Amitofo

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