Change of Attitude Toward Other Living Beings

When I was a kid, I’d like to “play” with ants. I would pick up one or several ants into a container full of water. Then, I would watch them swim, struggle… A lot of them may have died just for that. I used to think it is no big deal and even “enjoyed” the scene. After I read some texts on not killing by Venerable Master Hsuan Hua, I realized what a crime I have committed. The old me would just kill flies and mosquitoes when they are around. Now, I would try to catch them and then release them back to the nature. Amitofo

小時候的我喜歡跟螞蟻“玩耍”。有時會把他們放到盛滿水的容器裡,看著他們游泳,掙扎… 許多螞蟻或許因此此死掉。以前我會覺得很好玩。當我讀過宣化上人關於戒殺生的文字後,我感到以前那種行爲真是罪過。以前的我看到蒼蠅,蚊子之類的會儘量殺死他們。現在,我會先抓住他們,然後把他們放回到大自然裡。阿彌陀佛

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