A small donation

My story was that, he’s my former colleague, and recently his colleague’s relative was in illness, and in China, you know, there are some websites that can help the people who are sick but don’t have enough money to cure their diseases to raise money. And my colleague share the post and said, “My colleague’s relative is in illness, please help him. ” And I click the button, so I can see the page which I can donate money through the website. My colleague is a good guy, so I want to help the person whose health condition is not very well. So I donate 20 RMB to help him to raise the fund to pay the high cost of the medical treatment. It’s not a big deal, but it’s a good way to memorize the friendship between me and my former colleague, and a good way to help the society, so I’m really happy and I want to share this with you! Thank you!

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