I was SCUBA diving in Honduras at 70 feet into the deep blue with a master diver as my partner. A group of us were out together on an exhibition. We all saw a huge sea turtle swimming past us. Two men decided to chase after the turtle but to no avail in getting any closer. On the contrary, the turtle was swimming further and faster away from them. Me and my partner for the day (master diver) just stayed put and watched the turtle now from 30 feet away.

Just then I had a thought… Grand Master Xu Yun in his biography mentioned about saving the sea creatures. I had the BC in my mouth breathing oxygen, but I didn’t care. I decided to chant ‘NAMO KSITIGARBHA BODHISATTVA’ as clear as I could with the BC in my moutha few times while wishing the sea turtle well and good health.

As soon as I started chanting the sea turtle turned it’s head around and look straight at me. Then it turned and swam towards me. Now it was three feet from me just observing me as I was observing it. This quiet silence between us went on for about thirty seconds if not more. Then the turtle went back to it’s original path.

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