I promised chickens that I won’t eat them if I had the choice

I travel on the highway to work and often see trucks of chicken stacked in plastic cages in transit, I assume, on their way to slaughter. For many times I just prayed for them, may they leave the chicken body and reborn in better place. One day while driving behind the chicken truck, looking at them cramped together, I feel that it resembles the living conditions in Hong Kong, where the property price is so high that many people can’t afford a bigger space, they had to cook in the toilet or rent a sleeping place in small cages. Just like the chickens in front of me!

So I made a promise to the chickens, that if I had the choice, I will not order and eat chicken meat. I am not a vegetarian yet, my family and colleagues still eat meat so I follow them but I try to eat less meat. I hope that one day I can remove all meat from my diet, to avoid killing karma and truly walk the path of compassion.