Insects Drowning

On one hot day, I was lounging in a swimming pool. I saw a big brown bug with wings about 1.5 inches long drowning. I have great big fears for fat flying bugs, but without hesitation I lunged for it and lifted the big brown bug onto my index finger. The big brown bug had BIG brown eyes staring at me. I stared at it. I was horrified, but at the same time I felt pity for the poor thing. So, I let it dry on my index finger. It sat there for 2 hours without moving, just staring at me with it’s huge BIG eyes. Then, a person came into the area and the big brown bug with the BIG brown eyes flew away.

That’s when it all started, this saving insects and spiders from swimming pools and other bodies of water. Its been a habit of mine now, to seek out living creatures that may be drowning and taking them to safety.

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