Baby Gecko

One evening, my mom found a gecko while she was cleaning the puzzle on the floor. She called my dad to quickly come and capture it. The gecko was lightning fast and almost ran away! When my dad captured it, my mom came into my study room and told me to come look at the gecko. It was a cute, small baby gecko and it had big eyes with thin slits in the middle. We decided to keep it for the cold night to come because we were afraid it might freeze to death outside. I searched up what geckos ate and found that they ate bugs and fruits. We didn’t have any bugs handy nor will feed it to the baby gecko if we did, so we gave it an apple slice. The next day, I checked on the gecko and was delighted to see that it ate some of the apple slice and was hiding under the portion it ate. In the afternoon, close to 3:00 when it was warmer, we released it into our backyard. I set the cup that held the cute gecko down and pushed it over gently. At first, the baby gecko was very cautious, hesitant to come out the cup. Slowly, little by little, the gecko crawled out onto the dirt and rocks. Then, deciding it was safe, it skittered quickly away from the cup. We watched it until it went into a small hole and out of sight, though it was very difficult keeping track of it with the smart camouflage it wore. The End.

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