An act of kindness (aka connection, appreciation, sharing, …) comes from times of openness and weakened boundaries At such times all interactions are acts of kindness, appreciation, love. These times can only occur when there is no sense of rushing or urgency. Unusual in our society. I have recently put together a collection of mp3 vocal songs, and have shared this with 2 people. One told me that she would never take that collection from her car CD player. The other (a couple), who were reluctant to listen to or accept it, called to thank me for it – telling me they were surprised how profound an effect it had on them and had been listening to it for over an hour before calling me to say how thankful they were.The artists are unknown in popular music, some hard to find on even YouTube. I believe these gifts are much more likely to increase sales (marginally) of their CDs than dig into sales. This spiritually base music would have a very limited audience. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVNVNDfGnnI for example

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