Helping an autistic teenager

While swimming in our community swimming pool, we discovered a completely naked teenager peeping at us across the gate. Alarmed, my husband decided to approach the man to see what he after. The teenager did not speak at all and seemed lost, shy, and confused. Furthermore, he defecated on the walkway leading to the swimming pool. Instead of calling the police or security guard, my husband determined that the teenager has no intention to harm. He remembered seeing a a car with bumper sticker that said “proud parent of autistic kid”. Making the connection, he decided to lead the young man to the house near the aforementioned parked car. When he knocked on a door, he discovered a tired and apologetic mom who had fell asleep and forgotten to lock the back gate, leading to her son’s escape. Relieved, my husband was glad to solve this mystery. Furthermore, he cleaned up his defecation on the street so that no careless children or adults would have the misfortune to step on it.

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