Chai Walas :)

After Christmas night with some noble friends in beautiful Ahmedabad, India, we returned to our flat and found our watchman sitting downstairs. He was lying on the swinging chair wrapped in a blanket with a hat on. We thought it would be a nice idea to give him some snacks and warm chai tea for the breezy evening. We didn’t have any milk with us so we went two floors up to see if a friend was still awake. It was 12 AM and we didn’t think she would be! She was! She gave us the little milk she had left and we went on our way back to the 2nd floor. After the chai was done, we delivered the chai to him and he was very grateful. After, we made some rangoli ‘designs’ out of flower petals on the first floor of the flat. It was a beautiful heart shaped flower. The watchman watched us and made some nice comments on the design. It was a beautiful evening filed with gratitude, blessings, and noble friends 🙂

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