Sungai Buloh Settlement

Sungai Buloh Leprosy Centre, a legacy of the British government, was built in 1930 to cater for the leprosy victims then. It catered specifically for those suffering from leprosy, which at that time was considered an incurable disease. After some 85 years, there are sill 70 to 80 victims staying in the dilapidated centre. On 15 Aug 2015, Sungai Buloh Settlement, as it is also known, will be celebrating its 85th anniversary. An open day will be organized on that day. In my small way, I had purchased some coupons to the celebration. My dear friend, a Mr. Lim would present the coupons to an old folk’s home and arrange for these senior citizens to the fun fair.I hope this little effort could in a small way be a reminder to the society of the forgotten people, who are in need of assistance.

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