Reverend Heng Sure Talks in Kuala Lumpur on 10-11 July 2015

My enlightened experience for attending Dharma talks by Reverend Heng Sure.On both nights of 9th July 2015 and 10th July 2015, my husband and I, were at the Dharma Realm Guanyin Sagely Monastery (Deng Bi An), Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia listening to a Dharma Talk by Reverend Heng Sure.We had not expected Reverend Heng Sure to be such a high ranking monk to be so humble. And he is technology savvy, meticulous and diligent at his work, and a good guitarist (the plucking of the strings are very clear)We sang two Buddhism songs, one to the tune of Amazing Graze, with him leading and also playing his guitar.We also learned that Sudhana, in Hua Yen Jing (Avatamsaka), as a young pilgrim, how he achieved Buddhahood in just one lifetime. Reverend Heng Sure drew the comparison of Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud, two psychologists’ theories to what had already being expressed in Hua Yen Sing. How Sudhana overcame his inner fears. He further lead us the example as depicted in the movie with Keanu Reeves in the lead, ‘The Little Buddha’.We also noted he was agitated by the ‘un-professionalism’ of the assigned technicians to the setting up of the projectors / computers etc. And he tried to accommodate those on the floor, those eagerly snapping away with their smart phones, which actually was quite an irritant. As Reverend Heng Sure began his greeting on the first night: “you must listen with your heart”, and yet we wonder how many of us actually do, when our fingers were busy swiping away on the screen of our phones! Of course, we are not perfect, for I also busy taking down the notes.At the end of the Talks, we were advise that each family is entitle to a CD to take home, but we decided to earn it, so we let other families have it.I want to pen down my good experience on the two nights to earn a CD from We look forward to his next visit and Talks.

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