Gratitude for a Friend

My best friend who is always going through thick and thin with me and doing things to help me through difficult times. Slowly because of work we stopped communicating and became distant. Yesterday something happened and she had to help me cover up at work and “saved my ass”. Then she said she is disappointed that I lost trust in her because I didn’t tell her I would be late and the reason for being late. I felt really sorry I showed mistrust in our relationship because we used to be best friends. But she felt things changed. I couldn’t help but felt sour, and I cried, and I held her hand and told her how much I am grateful for her and our past. She patted me and said things will get better, we will find back those feelings. Today I am grateful for my best friend, we grow up, and we watch out for one another. Love comes in many forms, friendship is one of the most amazing LOVE there is.

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