Walking to school.

This is an odd time to be thinking about the Paramita songs because I’m currently taking part in the 8 precepts which inhibits listening to music, but I suddenly remembered I don’t have the songs anymore and wanted them 😛 About a year ago, I lived a five minute drive from school and the “Be Green” fad was at a major peak. All of a sudden, it was the cool thing to be green (not that it’s a bad thing), so I was surrounded by people consistently preaching environmental awareness. Well, it worked; I wanted to be more environmentally friendly, so I decided I’d start taking the bus. I figured since there was a bus station across the street on the street that my school was on, it’d go there.. right? Nope. I looked up directions on Google maps and it said I needed to walk a mile to the closest bus station. I almost did it until I thought, “Wait, how far away is the school?” So, I looked up the walking directions and found the school was only 1.6 miles away. I thought it was ridiculous to walk a mile to save .6 miles, so I just ended up walking to school on non-rainy days. I suppose that broke the habit of relying on my car and now I’m a public transport frequenter. And on the bus, train, or lightrail, I constantly get the chance to observe random acts of kindness that help inspire me to be a good person.

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