Only A Few Minutes

My mother and I were coming out of the Walmart to my vehicle. I was placing groceries in the back while my mother got in the passenger seat. An elderly lady was standing behind my vehicle with a puzzled look of her face. She lifted her keyring and held it in the air then looked around. She did this several times and I came to realize she was looking for her vehicle. Two men walked beside her and told her they heard the horn from the other side of the parking lot at the other Walmart entrance and proceed to walk inside the store. The lady still looked confused so after I finished putting our groceries in the vehicle I told my mother to give me a a few minutes.I walked up to her and asked her if she was having a hard time finding her car and she said she couldn’t remember where she parked. I replied let’s see if we can find it and I asked if I could have her keyring. She handled it over to me and I walked in the direction of the other side of the parking lot. I didn’t walk far in order not to get too far from the sight of the owner of the vehicle. After about 2 minutes of pushing the button on the keyring, I saw the flashing lights of her SUV. I went to where she was and told her I found it. I showed her where it was and helped her with her shopping cart.The smile on her face was all that I needed to see in order to know she appreciated the help. She may remember the kindness that only took a few minutes to show for possibly a lifetime.

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