Befriending a little girl

I volunteered to help out as assistant teacher in charge of 10 children on a day excursion. I noticed that there was a girl call her Kelly, who was very lively and full of good humor, curiosity and questions . She was not popular with the teachers as she was hyperactive and not very compliant to rules and discipline about falling in line when walking from place A to B. She was reprimanded on at least 3 occasions for not listening to instructions and for talking unnecessarily. I saw a broken spirit in a young body. Because she was always getting into trouble with the teachers , the other children left her alone . She had no friends. Her partner, who happens to be the oldest in the group, complained to me that the young girl kicked her several times . I asked the young girl and she nodded her head . I told her to apologise to the partner and she straight away said ” Sorry, Gina ! ” But the big girl continued to ignore her. I told Gina that she should accept the apology and forgive her but she remain silent. I felt sorry for Kelly. I became her only friend that day. Hope she would continue to keep her spirits high and have a happy and free mind.

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