Repaying My Mother’s Kindness

My mother whom is 80 years old and staying alone. She is self independant. Lately her memory is slow. I have taken the duty to buy lunch for Mother from Monday to Friday and my elder does it on Saturday and Sunday. When i visit Mother with lunch and i aslo check whether Mother takes her medicine.Sometimes she would want to give money to me for the daily lunch. I ask Mother are you working ? Mother reply is no. I would say “Mother, you are not working , where you have money” and Mother would smile. I would tell Mother “You have raise and feed me to so big and now is my turn to take care of you”( spoken in chinese ).Though sometimes my shedules does not allow me to buy lunch for Mother, I ensure that my wife or children buy lucnh for Mother. It sad me to see Mother ages and I seek to spend as much time with Mother to repay Her kindness in raising me.May Mother has Long Life and Happiness.Hoon

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