accidentally fulfilled a dharma sister’s wish + distributing food to low income families

today (22nd Nov 2010) was a joyful day. in the morning, i met up with fellow dharma sister Lynn for breakfast and handed over to her a set of DVD – Venerabele Hui Lu’s dharma talk on Diamond Sutra. I didn’t expect that she was overjoyed – she had been looking for the DVD for quite some time and in fact had made a wish that she someone could pass her the DVD…. Giving brings happiness – not just to the giver, but to the receiver as well in the evening, i joined a group of regular volunteers for a weekly food distribution project (initiated by a local social enterprise Food#3 Cafe) and we managed to distribute about 79packets of organic brown rice with lots of veggies… i would like to share the joy with everyone and may everyone be well and happy : ) with Metta