Papa was a rolling stone

My father and mother divorced when I was two. The split was timultuous, my father successfully took and kept me from my mother for some time- causing her emmense saddness. While in his care betwen the ages of two and four I was exposed to drugs, violence, and lacked any form of discipline or consistency. I can recall being told to hide while police searched the home looking for me. Finally my mother was successful in getting me back. After that I did not see my father for years. Once in a while I would get a phone call with promises of a visit that would never come. Through out the years I developed an apathy towards him and I became un affected by his actions. After a while I began to grow compassion for him and understanding (it spawned from the intial pitty I felt for him).Now my father,old,lonely, and lost is in need of assistance. I have opened my home to him and welcomed him to stay. My father is now staying with my family- with us. I care for him, provide for him, and serve him. It is my pleasure to do this. To give him “a good life” or to show him what a “good life” can be. I do not hold resentment, I feel grateful that I can do this for him and hope that he spends his final days in peace.

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