Thank you :-)

Well, I really don’t like to mention things I have done of kindness because it is not a big deal and is merely my duty. As a Buddhist having taken the Bodhisattiva precepts, I should help others more and should not recall any of what myself has done. But, since you sirs request one, here it is. For many years I kept donating all the money I had to the charity. Although the amount was not much, I just truly wished the money could help people survive the sufferings of hunger and severe cold in the dark corners of the Earth. For me, I think money should be used in a more significant way like bring suffering people hopes, instead of just being spended on my personal meaningless need. Because to see suffering people get relieved and smile happily is the greatest happiness for me. I wish I will always be able to do this.Though I do not like to write it down, this is reminding me that I need to keep doing more things to help others. Thanks for reminding me by this request. 🙂

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