Staying Open

Maybe we perform many priceless acts of kindness in a day and every day. That is how it feels for me being an acupuncturist and working in a community clinic setting. Some of those acts of kindness are really my job. I should be listening and paying attention to my interactions with people. I am constantly learning to get better at that too. I also experience great joy in those acts of kindness. It does not feel like a one-person exchange but a series of events of communication between people that open other possibilities to happen.As an example, yesterday I was volunteering after my shift to help the evening shift, as that is part of my job. It turned out perfect because I was working with another practitioner and was able to accomplish more by getting her input. Usually we work alone as practitioners on our shifts. I was struggling with an email to send someone to suggest a medicinal tea to them. It turned out by sharing with the practitioner what I was doing, she was able to tell me we had in stock a perfect tea for the situation. It seemed magic to me. A tea they had ordered and could not use and then this moment arrives and by a series of decisions and staying open with communication, it became a complete experience for me.

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