In the sutra of the past vows of Earth Store Boddhisattva, the Buddha explained very very clearly to us that there are three kinds of giving. They are giving of wealth, giving of Dharma and giving of fearlessness. When I read the sutra, I was extremely excited to learn how these types of giving enable one to plant blessings, and the more I read the sutra, the more it gave me encouragement to do more giving. For example, when I saw some beggars on the street or those who are sick, I would immediately take out my wallet and give my money to them and sometimes I would buy them food and nutritious drinks. And when I returned to Indonesia, my sister and I would buy fish from the market and liberate them in a safe river near my house. My heart was full of joy whenever I did meritorious work. These are examples of me giving wealth to the poor and giving fearlessness to the animals.

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