I lost my car

I was going into the Gallaria Mall in Houston a few weeks ago. I got out of my car and was walking to the door and noticed an elderly lady looking around confused. I asked her if she needed help and she said she lost her car. I asked her what level she parked on. she said she was not sure. I asked her the type of car and color and if she had any distinquising bumper stickers or such. She told me it was a dark blue La baron with a bumper sticker that said ” I love my poodle” on it. I walked around the area to find it, but no luck. I tried the level above and the level below, no luck. I went back to her and asked what was the first store she visited after she parked the car. She told me that she parked and went straight into Dillards. I knew that Dillards was on the far side of the Mall, so I gave her a ride over there and we found her car on the street level. She was so happy and thankful that she offered my money for my help. I told her that is was a pleasure helping her and that was payment enough.

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