giving a ride

On the final evening of a qigong seminar weekend in east Melbourne, I was ready to drive home which was about 1hr 15 min away. A woman was asking the number to phone a taxi so that she could get a ride to the train station and catch a train to the city. It was very cold and rainy night.I told her that I would drive her to the city. My home was actually in other direction, but I didn’t want the woman to be waiting in the cold.I drove her into the city, while I had a chant of ‘Namo Quan Shr Yin Pusa’ playing in my car. When we reached the city, she was very thankful, and I then drove home. I arrived home about an hour and a half later than if I had driven directly home, but I was glad this woman did not have to wait in the cold waiting for a taxi and train.

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