Even an Iceburg can be melted .

It was more than twenty years ago, I just moved from Los Angeles to San Jose. I didn’t have a car back then, so I took buses to work and school. I always smiled and said “Good Morning!” to everyone I met at bus stops, to bus drivers and the passengers on the buses as well. Nearly everyone of them would either smiled back to me or said “Good Morning!” EXCEPT one bus driver. He never smiled and never spoke a word to anyone(not only me). Each time when I smiled at him and said “Good Morning!”, his stern face didn’t show any emotion and never responded. Most of time, he just sat straight like a robot and his eyes would look ahead and didn’t even bother to look anyone. But sometimes when he did look at you…I mean when he stared at you, it seemed like you had owed him millon dollars. Since I always took same buses at the same time on weekdays, I greeted him with smiles every morning regardless his cold shoulder. At that time, San Jose’s public transportion was not as convenient as LA, and I had to change three different buses every morning and evening as well. Finally, I decided to buy a car after four months or so. On the LAST day I took the buses, MIRACLE happened!!! When I got on the bus and did the samething–smiled and said “Good Morning!” to the bus driver. This time, HE turned and looked at me and said “Good Morning!” with his low voice and taut smile. Before I could react, he had quickly moved his eyes to the front as he always did. Oh! my God! This was totally unexpected. I really don’t remember how I seated and how I got off the bus. All I remembered was that I was so happy and full of joy. I don’t even remember if I have ever said Good-bye to him when I got off the bus. I didn’t go back to take buses anymore, and I never had a chance to tell him it was my last day to take buses. And, I never told him that his smile had made my day. But, it was a perfect ending to me. Even after more than twenty years now, I still remember that priceless smiling (though it is a little bit rigid) and “Good Morning!”. From this experience, I know even an iceburg can be melted as long as it’s warm enough. (P.S. I am not talking about the global warming.) :)To the bus driver: My brother, I didn’t know what had happened in your life, so you become an unhappy man. But, your smile did made my day and I’ve never forgot since then until now. But, I trully hope that you started smile everyday since then. I used to smile all the time. Twenty years later, without I noticed, life experiences have made me smile less and less. When I in the low, I will fell better or happier when someone smile at me. So, please SMILE while you can. Although it costs you nothing, it might mean a lot to others.

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