Peanut Butter

Somebody told me about how they had made lunches for homeless people on the street and I liked the idea. Saturday a week later, on my way to grab some breakfast in my rush to a workshop, the thought crossed my mind to make a bunch of sandwiches. I hesitated as I thought I might not have enough time for my breakfast, but then thought best not to let good thoughts pass un-acted upon or it will never happen. That evening, after the workshop I made up a bunch of sandwiches and bought some bottled water for one to go with each sandwich (peanut butter, you know). In the park I found some people with shopping carts with big black garbage bags in them. I asked if they were hungry and could I offer them a sandwich. “Yes, of course.” “GOD BLESS you.” and “god bless you.” Gratitude all around. What a great feeling.

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