Being good To Myself

Hai I am Jimmy Sha , There is only thing that really good I done for someone that really profound in this life is to myself , yes sound selfish and ego right ? Well I won’t blame you , cause we are conditioned like this .Here the correct perspective :My friend Mr Lawrence Lee invited me to this 5th Conference on Buddhism in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia “ Tranforming The Mind “ “ To create happiness in our Life “ . Because of my worldly attachment that’s is so great at that moment , I wanted to go but the worldly sense attachment is far more greater . I keep delay the confirmation date until the very last minute . Mr Lee call up and ask me to go with him without confirmation of seat . He is so enthuastic about me attending it although the organizer keep telling us the is no more seat available, my friend Lee keep asking for permission ( I can see perseverance he show at that time , I am really touch by his gesture ). The organizer reluctantly agree to let me participate .I succeeded secure a seat ( well I think someone up there wanted me to attend this very much ) : ) I listen to all the bhantes , venerable , Doctor , Educator , nun and many more , Meet many learned people and listen to the way of life they practice and transformation of the life they leads . I began to realize that’s life isn’t only about money , holidays or pleasure. Life far more profound than that.Happiness is not gauge with success in material accumulation . I know what is suffering and happiness about , the good part was there is a way to get out of suffering and attained happiness by ourselves . No need to depend on others blessing or fearing condemnation from some powerful so call compassionate beings that’s will send us to eternal hell if we not submit to his belief.I went home and seek for knowledge in books , cd or meet people that are related with Buddhism . learned about dana , sila and bhavana . almost 8 month now.. I wrote this telling you I have change to more considerate , more sensitive to others feeling , more willing to help people in need , more contented , more in control of my destiny .My parents , wife , children and friends all benefited from this small step of treating myself good ( attending the wholesome conference ) . I can see that we must really love and treat ourselves good in order to help others and compassionate feeling will arisen by its self .Summary : I show my self compassion through wholesome learning that’s leads to good mind and thought , radiate it to others with positive happy attitude .Question : Venerable sir, is treating oneself good like above is one of a kindness ?May all beings be well , happy and peaceful Shadu , Shadu , Shadu

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