The Sun Went Down and Came Back Up

Although I couldn’t recall what year it was, however, I know that it was on a Saturday, and my dad and I were driving back home from my Chinese school. As we were finishing up the last stretch, suddenly two sparrows flew right into our direction! My dad slammed the brake and thought the two birds flew away. On the other hand, I had this feeling that he ran over a bird because I didn’t see the second bird escape. As my dad finished parking the car, I stepped out and quickly ran to the place where we encountered the two birds. I scanned across the road and soon noticed an unusual leaf. I walked up to it, and gasped; it was one of the two birds! I hollered back to my dad and gestured him to come. He came and sighed. He picked it up and said, “It’s still alive. I probably scared it when we were driving down here.” I nodded and we brought it home to prepare a makeshift shelter for the poor bird. That night, around 8 pm, my dad and I went to check on the bird. Instead of being immobile, it could actually stand. It had grip as it clung on my dad’s finger. We put it back and went to bed. The next morning, I woke up, done with my normal routine, and quickly ran down the stairs to check on the bird. It was gone. I thought that my dad released it already so I went upstairs to ask him. “You released the bird, right?” I asked. “Huh? I did not. I was sleeping.” He replied sleepily. Suddenly, I had this feeling that the bird was lost in our house! I searched frantically, and then all of a sudden, a glimpse of brownish thing went right by me. I carefully followed it, noticing that it went into one of the flowerpot. I opened the door, quietly and quickly moved it outside. The moment I put the flowerpot outside, I saw the bird flew away. My heart soared and I ran back home for breakfast.

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