Feeling Better by Acting Better

I’ve looked into Buddhism quite a few times before, but it never seemed right for me. I was afraid to be seen as some granola-crunching, New Age poseur hippie or something, so I would briefly surf some websites, and be done with it. But at this current time, I am kind of at a cross-roads in my life, and unemployed, and i decided that i have plenty of time to right my wrongs, & try to become a better person. I have borderline personality disorder, & i was amazed to read that facets of the Buddhist mindfulness training were appropriated for Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, a treatment for this disorder. So–in order to improve myself, and help out other people, i have been-exercising, so i remain as attractive as ever to my boyfriend, as well as for other reasons-cooking dinner for my family (with actual steps, and recipes and such, which is brand new to me because my dinner always comes out of a box!) -volunteering at the book store at my local library, twice a week -and just over all attempting to control my anger, & make right by everybody that i’ve inadvertently been rude to for such a long time, like my family, & friends, too. All that isn’t really a story, though, just blabber, so I apologize if it doesn’t meet the criteria, and to everybody who is reading this who expects a grand old yarn!

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