my Mom

Few days ago i suddenly felt that I have to call my Mom, when she get the phone she didnt say a word but startdto cry… I asked about the Christmas Eve, cause she lives alone 80 km from my city and thought that she is going to my brither’s home. She said she’s going to stay in the darkness alone with light turned off cause she doesnt want neighbours to think that she is so lonely, In one second without thinkin I promissed her I’m gonna come to her place and spend with her all Christmas,we’re gonna bake together and go for a walk every day… I knew that only in this way I can help her. I was afraid that my father and grandma going to be a bit ungry that i wont spend those days with them but when I told them about everything they said I’m doing the right thing and they are very happy… My mother is not crying but thinking about “our time” so I’m happy more then all of them, cause there are no problems anymore:)))this is my duty, duty of being a child:))) funny thing is that my mom turned on the cell phone only for few seconds, it was turned off for 3 days before i called she, told me that:)

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