I introduced my girlfriend to meditation

My girlfriend was, in name, a Buddhist. But she was really more like the rest of the ethnic Chinese in Southeast Asia: nominally Buddhist, but just going through the motions for religious rites and festivals for Buddhism, folk Taoism and Neo-Confucianism.She was sometimes quite irritated by how involved I was in Dhammadhuta work in my Buddhist Society. And so in ways she was quite anti-Buddhist.Regardless, I continued my activities while trying to practise to be as gentle and kindly as possible, making aspirations that one day she would be touched by the Dharma.Being prone to negativity and mood swings, she goes through emotional ups and downs especially during stressful periods. Finally, she asked me to teach her meditation.I was so glad! I introduced her to meditation on loving kindness as I found it the most suitable for her temperament. Now she’s beginning on it already, and I can see a difference in the way she speaks and acts now. More gentleness and thoughtfulness.With the songs by Ven. Heng Sure, I hope to be able to inspire my juniors in the National University of Singapore Buddhist Society. I would be introducing them to the songs during our Dharma Camp in December 2007.May all good roots sink in deep and multiply!

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