An Improving Day

The first thing that happened this morning was that I spilled coffee into my computer keyboard. Then I was mad I had to spend 40 minutes cleaning it. Then just as I got it up and ready to use, the power to the house went out. I couldn’t work on the computer any more, so I decided to go to my work early, which is to teach algebra in a remedial school in Richmond. The kids learning always makes me happy. Then after working with them, I went to the local jail where I also teach math and algebra to the prisoners. And seeing people learn there also makes me happy. Then I went to my church and had supper with my friends. And then I went to my Buddhist monastery and had a wonderful metta experience listening and singing Heng Sure’s beautiful songs and wishing that I knew enough to produce another record of his work to share more of his singing with everyone.Thanks, Heng Sure

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