if you can help others today, why wait?

OMIYTOFO. Thank you very much Rev Heng Sure for all the touching moments i got from the conference. Well, let’s start. I love writing. I always write down what i see or been through and the feelings and thoughts associated with it and send it out to all my family and friends via email. These emails often carry an inspiring message or simply some valuable life experiences that not everyone has the opportunity to experience (e.g. conversations i had with my teacher just the moment before he passed away). Thanks to Dharma, I have a very positive personality and am very resilient. Therefore, I have a lot of friends turning to me for comfort and advice whenever they are having down time in their lives. So i think by constantly sharing my life experience, sweet or bitter ones, and how i transformed the bitterness to something more pleasant, i hope the positive energy of mine reaches my friends whenever they need some. Sometimes, i received some replies telling me that my emails arrived to them just at the right time and had helped them to face their problems more positively.I did what i intended then. The feeling of getting replies like this is very very rewarding. I dont know if any of them has developed an interest in writing (hahah…) but certainly i’m getting more and more responses and a few of them have started calling upon me for doing good deeds and attending conferences/talks together. Thats something. Most important of all, in the purpose of helping my friends, i’ve built up a thinking habit of “if you can help others today, why wait?” in myself – That’s also something i love about Dharma – doing it for the benefits of others, you’re always the one who benefited the most in the end. OMITOFO =)

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