Promotion of Donation of Body or Organ

During Buddha’s time, we had learnt that Buddha before becoming a Buddha, he has donated his bodies in his many past lives! This has not only benefited others, but also himself.What my perception below may be different from others in the understanding of buddhism and the way of preparation for death,but I strongly believe that it is true and would be happen based on the below explanation!When we just come to near death, we actually surrounded by a lot of negative energy or environment such as sadness from relatives due to our departure, which is difficult to avoid and most of time deter our way to next life. From what I understand from Buddhism, all branches of Buddhism are promoting to retain a good condition or energy to remain calm, peaceful, do the chanting or recite the good deed of the people near to death/dead person to instill a good energy to lead him into next life!Actually, by donating our lives would be the best way to create great and good energy or “qi” which are very needy in our next life, please imagine the feeling of receivers of your organs, definitely there is a great and good energy radiated, such as appreciation of receiving the organ, rejoice of new life we have given to the receivers and etc. The happiness of the receivers would definitely send a good energy or “qi” through conscious or unconscious “Meta Meditation” and the donor would definitely receiving it at the very first moment, which is crucial for our next life after death! (This is the most valuable energy or deed what we need in our next life!)Besides, the practice of letting go would be easier carried out and better understanding the truth of the nature of life, nonself and impermanent!If you wish to have an immediate effect and other deeds which could help in your next better life, the donation of body or organ would be the best approach above all!

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