From when I was little I was very passionate about saving bugs. I believed that they had lives and should not die at the hands or feet of the more powerful humans. They were helpless and unable to defend themselves so I made it my job. I would tell people not to hurt any bugs and would physicaly prevent that from happening. Sometimes I wasn’t fast enough and I was too late to save them. I would yell at their killers and call them murderers. Because of that I became unpopular and asocial. As I grew older I realized that those people did not understand why I became distressed whenever an innocent bug was killed. They needed to be educated, not insulted. They didn’t think it was wrong to take the lives away from “pests” they didn’t think they had a soul. In the past I was only compassionate about bugs and not at all thinking of the human’s feelings. Now I understand enough to forgive those people and handle my emotions better if that sort of things happen again.

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